Pet Store Adoption: A Great (and Ethical) Option if You Work 9-5

If you work during animal shelters’ business hours, pet store adoption might be your best bet for finding the next member of your family. County animal shelters are a great place to find a rescue pet. However, they tend to keep to bankers hours rather than retail store hours. If you work a regular 9-5 job, it may be hard for you to take time off work.

Pet stores have changed in the last two or three decades. In the past, pet stores commonly sold cats and dogs from puppy mills and kitten factories. The backlash against that has been so intense the State of California has recently instituted a steep fine for stores that sell non-rescue pets. The Humane Society reports over 59 cities and counties throughout the U.S. have similar laws on the books.

Now, pet stores often work with rescues to help pets find forever homes. And why not? With each pet store adoption, they gain a new customer for gear, food, and other pet products.

Pet Store Adoptions Are on the Rise

Many pet stores have stopped “selling” companion animals altogether. Instead, they’ve opened their doors to rescue organizations and animal shelters to hold adoptions in-store. Kennels formerly used to house puppies and kittens from mass breeders are now used for rescue pets, and that’s a good thing.

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How Do I Find Pet Adoption Stores Near Me?

There are a number of excellent pet stores throughout the U.S. that house adoption pets and hold regular dates for shelters to bring in their candidates. Most of the major chain pet stores host adoptions.

  • Petco: Petco launched its charitable foundation nearly 20 years ago and hosts regular adoption events at their nationwide stores. You can visit the Petco Foundation website for a list of the stores near you and up-coming adoption events. You can also search for adoptable pets in your area from their website.
  • PetSmart: PetSmart is one of the larger chains in the U.S. and has a wide range of services, including veterinary, grooming, boarding/day care, and training. They also hold frequent pet store adoption events, Their package for new pet parents of adopted pets includes checkups, free food, and big discounts on pet supplies. PetSmart allows you to search online for individual pets through their All Paws program.
  • Pet Supermarket: They partner with local rescues to host pet adoptions onsite on a regular basis. Although their site calls it the “Adopt a Cat” program, they also host events for adopting dogs. You can find a link to the organization providing the adoptable pets from their website. Along with hosting adoptions, Pet Supermarket also provides grants and online classes to schools looking to adopt a class pet.
  • Pet Depot: Pet Depot is a chain throughout the U.S. and Canada that offers pet supplies and veterinary and grooming services. Each location has its own website and calendar, but you can search for the location near you through the main corporate website.

…And “mom and pop” pet shops

There are also many independent supply and service locations that host pet store adoption. You can visit the website to find those “mom and pop” retailers near you.

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Factors to Consider in Pet Store Adoption

Adopting your family pet at a local pet store can be far more convenient than visiting the local animal shelter. However, there are a few things to keep in mind before setting your heart on coming home with a new furry friend.

In the case of pet store dog adoptions, keep in mind that dogs usually require more space and attention than other companion animals. You might not always find an adoptable dog at your nearby store. Check the calendar ahead of time to be sure dog adoptions are being held on the day of your planned visit.

Because cats are pretty docile (even lazy), many locations will have several cats of all ages available for immediate pet store adoption. The store should have playrooms or large space so you can interact with your new kitty.

The Convenience of Pet Store Adoptions

If you work 9-5 and have limited time to scour your local shelters, don’t give up yet. Pet store adoption provides a wide range of hours for your search, including evenings and weekends. Pet stores can also get you set up for proper animal care right away.

Along with offering the necessary supplies on the spot, many pet stores have adjacent veterinary services and training classes. That way, you can book your pet’s next checkup before it slips your mind, and many locations provide free or discounted services when you adopt.

Finding your new pet through a pet store is a convenient and ethical solution for adopting one of the millions of dogs and cat that need homes. Give your local pet store a call or check their website or social media pages for adoption event dates.

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