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Animal rescues do important work and Rescue Informer wants to spread the word. They help protect vulnerable animals, and help pets find forever homes.They educate people about pet ownership and adoption and work for justice for animals.

Here at Rescue Informer, we aim to promote adoption and support you and your rescue pet. We have put together articles to let you know not only what rescues do and where to find them, but also how to care for your rescue pet. Whether you’re looking for a furry or feathered friend, or need tips on how to care for your rescued buddy, we have the answers.

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What Rescue Informer’s About

Rescue informer will give you the lowdown on everything animal rescue. Here, you can learn about what kind of animal rescues exist, where to find the best animal rescues, and how to adopt a pet.

You can also find information about rescue animals, including the special needs of rescue pets and general pet care information. We have articles about specific kinds of pets — exotics as well as dogs and cats. We even have information about the best way to rehome a pet, if you need to.

So Much Love

Taffy (Australian Shepherd) and Newman (no idea) are senior dogs we adopted off of Craigslist about two years ago.  Taffy had been a show dog and then was used for breeding.  When we got her, she didn’t seem to know how to just be a dog and enjoy life, leading me to believe she had been very tightly controlled.  She has loosened up, but years of conditioning do not disappear.  We don’t know much about Newman’s past except that, according to vet records, he tangled with a porcupine in AZ once.  It took him 5 months to show any interest in us after we got him.  He’ll probably never be a cuddle-bug, but he is very sweet and loves it when we’re all together.
We just let these guys be who they are and don’t push them to be something else.  Yes, there are basic household and behavior rules.  Ultimately, these two just needed a soft place to land in their golden years. 
My husband was building our house in a rural Oregon valley when Scruffy showed up.  She “belonged” to the neighbor who was neglectful to say the least.  After some kind words and a good meal, Scruffy adopted my husband.  She remained devoted to him for the rest of her life.  He said she was like ” gum on the bottom of my shoe “, but he was crazy about her too.
We adopted Louie from Oregon Basset Rescue in late 2000.  He was a border collie stuck in a basset hound body.  A very intense little guy.
Truman came from a backyard breeder.  Mister Congeniality.  He loved everyone he ever met.  Not a mean bone in his basset body.

Dogs and Puppies:

Are you looking for a rescue in your area? Do you want to know what breed of dog will fit in best with your family? Do you know what your doggy will need to feel safe and comfortable? How do you introduce a new dog into your household? We have all this information and more.

Cats & Kittens: 

What kinds of behavioral issues might you expect from a rescue kitty? Is it better to adopt a kitten or a full grown cat? What’s the best way to bring a new cat into your home? What sort of equipment does a new cat owner need? All your kitty questions answered here.

Exotic Pets: 

Are you looking for a unique pet? Did you know you can adopt a lizard? Where do you go to adopt a rabbit? Should you adopt more than one? What about birds? What sort of equipment do you need to house a rescue parrot? And what do you feed reptiles? Read on!

Greenwing Macaw.
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Adopt a Pet: 

How do you find a rescue to adopt from? Where can you get low-cost spay and neuter services? Should you adopt from a private rescue or a municipal shelter? Are there rescues where you can adopt pocket pets like hamsters and guinea pigs? What’s the lowdown on no-kill shelters? And what do you do if you have to rehome your pet? Our experts address all your adoption questions.

Pet Care: 

What’s the best kind of dog food? Is there a difference between grocery store food and gourmet? What do I feed my new bird? How do I build a comfortable habitat for my rescue lizard? What kind of house does a rabbit need? How can I find a vet for my new pet? And where do I get the best pet accessories? Got a question about pet care? We have the answers!

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