Having a pet is among the greatest joys in life. Another is buying pet accessories so you can pamper your special friend.

Because your rescue pet’s gone through so much, it’s even more tempting to splurge. If so, we’ve got you covered. But first of all, let’s quickly cover the basics. Your dog and cat need things like food and water bowls, shampoo, a comb or brush, nail clippers, a carrier, a collar and name tag, and some toys. Also, a cat needs a litter box and a dog needs a leash.

When you adopt your pet, people from the rescue or animal shelter can recommend basic pet accessories. People in smaller pet shops also tend to know which products have worked best for their customers. Now, let’s move on to the fun stuff.

Luxury Pet Accessories

First of all, let’s start the luxury pet accessories. If you’ve got a taste for extravagance and truly want to pamper your pet, you’ve got plenty of options.

1. Vangardia Warming Mat, $31.99. 

Want to keep your dog, cat, hamster, or another kind of fur baby warm and cozy all winter? This soft, cozy mat uses materials from the aerospace industry to reflect your pet’s body heat. It’s entirely safe and non-toxic, with no batteries or electrical cords required. And, as a bonus, your purchase includes a pet comb and grooming glove. To buy it from Amazon, click here.

2. Legally Blonde’s Bruiser Outfit, $68.00.

Or, if you’ve got a small dog and loved Legally Blonde, check out this outfit! Teacup Charm offers this blingy, hot-pink ensemble, and an entire a fashion line inspired by the movie. To buy it, click here.

Pink, sparkly cat collar.

Want chic pet accessories for your cat? Start with this stylish collar. Image: Pet Smart.

3. “The Beauty Queen” Breakaway cat collar, $15.99.

When it comes to chic pet accessories, this value’s hard to beat. And guess what? It’s practical, too.  “The beauty queen” is made of high-quality webbing so it’ll last. Also, it fastens with a breakaway buckle that releases if kitty gets caught on a tree branch.To buy it from PetSmart, click here.


4. Thermapet Neoprene Boots, $34.00.

If you’re worried about Fido’s feet getting cold, fear not. These neoprene booties will keep his tootsies warm and dry all winter. These boots feature “special warming technology,” and the front zipper and velcro fastening ensure a good fit. Plus they’re lightweight and durable and can withstand freezing temperatures up to 4 °F. and when summer rolls around, you can pick up a pair of red mesh sandals for your pooch as well.  To buy these from the Posh Puppy Boutique, click here.

5. Natural Pet Shampoo-Conditioner – Natural Skincare control – 2 Piece Set,  $32.99.

While you’re at it, why not make your pooch small as good as she looks? This stuff isn’t cheap and who knows whether it’ll live up to its claims. But it’s non-toxic, all natural, and it sure smells good. The set is for dogs. However, Midoricide also has product lines for cats and horses. To buy, click here.

6. Furbo Dog Camera, $169. When we’re away at work, it feels like forever to our dogs. Now we can bond with our dogs from anywhere. With Furbo, Alexa, and your smartphone, you can see Fido, toss him treats, calm him down when he’s barking, and more. To buy on Amazon, click here.

Pet Homes and Accessories

While we’re looking at pet accessories, let’s not forget pet homes and furnishing.

Photo of dog house.

Pet homes and accessories can make your pet more comfortable. Image: Posh Puppy Boutique.

7. All Weather Insulated Rustic Lodge Style House $249.

This insulated, well-ventilated pet home is easy to clean. Better yet, they made it with ecoFlex, a composite from recycled materials. It’s easy to clean, requires no tools to assemble, and the flat roof’s great for when your dog or cat would rather sit on top of the house. To buy from the Posh Puppy Boutique, click here.

Happy golden retriever lying on waterproof rectangle dog bed.

Now your fur baby can lounge with you by the pool. Image: Snoozer.

8. Waterproof Rectangle Dog Bed, $64.95 – $84.95.

If you camp or enjoy hanging out at the beach or poolside, Fido will thank you for this bed. It’s also available in black, green, gray, and hazelnut. Plus, it’s waterproof and machine washable. To buy from Snoozer click here.


Photo of Armarkat Cat Tree.

Pet furniture like this tree house will keep cats busy and comfortable. Image: Pet Smart.

9. Armarkat Cat Tree, $81.85.

This fancy cat condo features ultra soft faux fleece and is easy to assemble. Made from pressed wood, this five-level tree is guaranteed to make any cat feel like a king or queen of their domain. With a comfy hammock, a hiding hole, and two platforms to lounge on, what’s not to like? To buy from PetSmart, click here.

Photo of Whisker City Kitty face Cuddler Cat Bed.

When it comes to pet homes and accessories, this cat bed’s an affordable option. Image: PetSmart.

10. Whisker City® Kitty Face Cuddler Cat Bed $14.99.

Provide your cat with a cute, cozy resting place to call her own. Also, it comes in blue, brown, and gray and small dogs like it too. To buy from PetSmart, click here.

Offbeat Pet Beds.

While many of us would be perfectly happy with the pet home and accessories are shown above, some of us want that little extra something.

Photo: Iron Throne cat bed.

Winter is coming, and when it does, you’ll want your cat to feel warm and comfortable. Image: Oddity Mall.

11. Game of Thrones Cat Bed, $198.

As the product page explains, “They just act like they aren’t paying attention, but the truth is, they secretly want to rule Westeros, battle dragons and sit on the Iron Throne.” This non-iron throne measures 17″ deep x 24″ wide x 31″ tall, and features plastic swords painted in silver with two colored pillows. To buy from Oddity Mall, click here.

12. Condo for small pets.

You don’t need a lot of money to make a dog and cat condo out of pillows and storage cubes or milk crates.

13. Felted cat caves.

And for crafty folks with cats and a lot of time on their hands, felted cat caves are all the rage. To learn how to make one, click here.

14. Cat Side Duvet Cover and Pillow Set, $49.95.

Sometimes your pets prefer sleeping in your bed, in which case, you’ll need just to give up. To buy this from the Animal Rescue Site (Proceeds go to animal shelters and rescues across the U.S.), click here.

Travel Pet Accessories

While there are lots of great pet sitters and hotels, many of us would rather bring our fur babies with us. That’s where travel pet accessories come in.

15. Hard-Sided Pet Carrier, $19.99.

This stylish pet carrier’s approved by airlines and accommodates pets under 20 lbs. To buy it on Amazon, click here.

Photo of load bearing pet ramp with dog wallking down it.

This stands out among pet travel accessories if your dog’s too old or disabled to get down from the car on his or her own. Image: Petco.

16. Load Bearing Pet Ramp, $76.89.

If your faithful friend is disabled or getting on in years, this portable dog ramp can help him get in and out of your car. Also, the astro turf provides good traction and it easily folds and snaps shut. To buy it from PetCo, click here.

17. Bubble Back Pack Pet Carrier, $53.69-$129.

Traveling or going to the vet? This PVC and breathable mesh fabric backpack give you a fun option. Because your cat can look out, they also might enjoy it more. You can buy the original at U-Pet. Or you can buy the cheaper knockoff on Amazon.

Photo of Multifunction Adjustable Vest Harness

Image: Amazon.

18. Multifunction Adjustable Vest Harness $10.99.

This isn’t just an alternative to hooking your leash up to a collar; it keeps pooch safe in the car and functions as a seat belt. To buy it on Amazon, click here.

Photo with dog drinking out of Pet Travel Mug Water Bowl Bottle.

One of our favorite travel accessories: water bottle with a dog bowl

19. Pet Travel Mug Water Bowl Bottle, $14.99. 

When your dog or cat gets thirsty during road trips, pull out this handy water bottle. To fill the bowl, simply squeeze the bottle. When they’re done drinking, let go, and the water empties back into the bottom. Also, it fits easily in most cup holders. To buy on Chewy.Com, click here.

Photo of cat harness.

Pet travel accessories like this cat harness let you take Kitty out for walks. Image: Pet Smart.

20. Grreat Choice® Cat Harness, $9.99.

Road tripping? Or do you just want to take your indoor cat outside for a walk? Some like it, some don’t, but it’s worth a try. This harness is strong, sturdy and fully adjustable for optimal comfort. It also includes a D-ring so that you can attach a leash and explore the outdoors with your feline friend. To buy from PetSmart, click here.

More Pet Accessories to Love

Photo of Bastis Leash Hooks via Ikea.

These leash hooks are great, and you can’t beat the price. But you have to visit an Ikea store to get them. Image: Ikea.

21.  Bastis Leash Hooks $2.00:

This set of colorful leash hooks makes it easy to keep your pet gear organized, and comes in handy for coats as well. There’s just one catch: Ikea doesn’t offer this online, you have to visit one of their stores. To find an Ikea near you, click here.

22. Glow in the Bark Collars, $34.99.

Keep your dog safe while walking her at night. In addition to the fun colors, the bright LED light is powered via USB so you’ll never need to change the batteries. To buy it from the Glow in the Bark Shop, click here.

Featured image: Composite with product photos as credited above.


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