As the famous Bob Barker would say to close out every episode of The Price is Right, "Make sure to spay and neuter your pets." Spaying and neutering pets prevent them from procreating. This brings about a number of health benefits to the pet in addition to preventing the addition of unnecessary and unwanted offsprings. For anyone who has purchased or adopted a dog, it is important to look into spaying or neutering their new family member. However, as is the case with any veterinary visit, there is an attached price tag to it. Due to this, it is important to know how much does it cost to spay a dog.

What is Spaying?


Spaying and neutering is the process of removing the reproductive possibilities from a pet. This process does not remove all the organs, just the parts required to procreate. Spaying is the process done to a female dog. It differs from a male dog as the male dog has his testicles removed. The difference between a male and a female dog procedure will affect how much does it cost to spay a dog. With a female dog, the process is internally done, removing the dog's ability to produce new eggs. So while the procedure differs between male and female dogs, the result is ultimately the same: the prevention of procreating.


What Are the Benefits of Spaying?


There is a number of benefits behind spaying a dog. First, there is the obvious. The dog cannot procreate. This also removes some of their attempts to seek out a mate. As the reproductive organs are no longer present, the body no longer produces the chemicals that trigger a dog to seek a mate for the process of procreating.

It also prevents a dog from going in heat. When a dog goes in heat, it is similar to a woman on her period. The dog will bleed and leave trace amounts of blood around the house. Dogs in heat should be placed in diapers although even this may not prove a suitable method of preventing blood stains around the house as many dogs will do what they can to rip the diapers off. Unlike their human counterparts through a dog's time in heat will last far longer than a few days, with spotting often lasting a few weeks (although it comes every six months or so).

By removing the reproductive organs and the chemicals released into the body with these organs, dogs will often lose some of their aggressiveness. This is especially the case for territorial dogs or dogs who might compete with other females for a male dogs attention. For households looking to purchase or adopt multiple dogs, this is beneficial, but also something to consider when deciding how much does it cost to spay a dog with multiple dogs in the household. Though it may also help prevent a dog from marking their territory while other dogs around.

Spayed dogs will also live longer than those who remained active with their sexual reproductive organs. Dogs that are not spayed or neutered live an average of 7.9 years (this heavily depends on the breed of the dog). However, dogs that are spayed or neutered live an average of 9.4 years, adding a full year and a half to the dog's life. The main reason behind why fixed dogs live longer is because testosterone and progesterone may suppress a dog's immune system, which increases the chance of an infection within the dog that is not fixed.

How Much Does it Cost to Spay a Dog?


The cost of spaying a dog will vary, often substantially, so it is important to take a few pointers into question. First, it costs more to spay a female dog than to neuter a male dog. This is because the male dog process is much easier as what needs to be removed is externally accessible. To spay a female dog, the veterinarian needs to go inside the dog which increases possible complications. Due to this, affects how much does it cost to spay a dog, ultimately the process will cost more.

The average cost to neuter a dog at a local Humane Society will range from $45 to $135. This depends on where the Humane Society is and if a dog is being adopted from the shelter. Shelter adopted dogs are almost always fixed before being put up for adoption. However, some locations will charge a small amount. The cost to spay a dog at a local Humane Society shelter increases to between $50 and $175.

For individuals who are taking their dogs to a local clinic instead of the Humane Society shelter, the cost will range around $200 for a male dog and around $300 for a female dog. However, the exact cost not only varies based on the location but also the weight of the dog. Heavier dogs are more expensive (typically) because they require more medication and anesthetics to be put under.

It is generally recommended to seek a Humane Society shelter for a pet to be fixed. There are a number of reasons behind this. Even if someone has purchased their dog from a breeder or a pet store, the veterinarian working at the shelter will have performed more spays than at the local pet or clinic. Additionally, this money does not go to line the pocket of a clinic but instead goes back into the shelter to help keep it up and running, buy food for the dogs up for adoption and assist in community outreach to help spread the word of available dogs.

For anyone who is looking for a pet clinic, there are few specifics they need to keep in mind, each of which will be included in the how much does it cost to spay a dog price. First, during the procedure of spaying, the vet will make a small incision right along the abdominal wall and take out the ovaries and uterus. They will then stitch the dog up. During the process, general anesthesia is used.

There are a number of additional costs that might be tacked on to the cost of spaying a pet, beyond the regular fee. First, if a dog is currently in heat (having her period), it will cost more. Usually, this is an added $25 or so, although it will fluctuate (as will all the forthcoming prices) based on the location and the clinic. If the dog is pregnant, spaying the dog will add anywhere from $50 to $125.

Prior to spaying the dog many veterinarians will want to perform blood work in order to make sure the pet's liver and kidneys are working fine. This will cost around $40 and added pain medication to give a pet after the surgery will range from $10 to $30.

Most spaying will use a knife to make the incision. However, there is a laser surgery option. A laser will reduce pain, swelling, and bleeding. It is more precise, and a dog will recover faster. However, the process uses expensive equipment that is not available at all vet clinics. Due to this, the process may cost up to a third more than what the regular incision will cost.

As stated earlier when adopting a pet from a local animal shelter or Humane Society the spaying procedure is typically free. For individuals who do not live near a humane society or animal shelter that provides spaying for external pets, it is possible to look for local veterinary schools. These locations will charge a discounted price off of what a local pet clinic will charge.


Spaying is an important procedure a female dog should receive. It helps improve their quality of life while extending their life expectancy at the same time. However, before taking a dog to a certain location, there are a few questions the pet owner needs to ask (beyond how much does it cost to spay a dog). First, a pet owner needs to find out what kind of anesthesia is used on the dog. They should also ask if their dog will be connected to a heart monitor during surgery.

When searching out a local veterinarian to perform the procedure, one of the best methods is to ask the local humane society or humane association. Plus, the American Veterinary Medical Association provides a list of the best vets in the area, plus referrals for the pet. Some locations have breed specific requirements. This is especially the most common with pit bulls. Some locations around the country do not allow pit bulls to even live within a city proper.

However, for those destinations that allow pit bulls but require the dogs to be altered (another term for being fixed), there are many service providers that offer free spay and neuter services. For those who own pit bulls and are required to alter their dog based on local law, the Pit Bull Rescue Central offers information where free pit bull spay and neuter services are available.

Wherever a person takes their dog or whatever breed they have, it is always important to know how much does it cost to spay a dog. The final answer to how much does it cost to spay a dog will vary, ranging from free to a few hundred dollars.

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