A dash of teddy bear, good vibes, and loyalty, mixed with a low-maintenance care routine, makes the Exotic Shorthair cat one of the most popular breeds for adoption. These little lovers with big round eyes and a button nose are impossible not to fall in love with, but many people wonder if they make great pets. Exotic Shorthair cats are some of the best pets imaginable. Here we'll tell you why you should adopt an Exotic Shorthair cat.

What Is an Exotic Shorthair Cat?

If you are a fan of cute cat videos or memes, you've seen an Exotic Shorthair cat. These soft and snuggly cats and kittens are so cute that they almost don't seem real—they are that cute. With massive eyes and expressive faces, Exotics are full of expressive personality.

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Is an Exotic Shorthair Cat a Good Pet?

As a pet, Exotic Shorthair cats are exceptional pets. We know exotics for their calm, friendly, and highly affectionate demeanor. With an intermediate energy level, these cats won't be climbing the walls, but they enjoy playing.

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Here's 10 Reasons You Should Adopt an Exotic Shorthair Cat

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Photo by Cong H from Pexels


Lap Lovers. Chill and affectionate, Exotic Shorthairs are all about giving and receiving love. These cats will gently yet unabashedly request time on your lap for some good old fashioned TLC time. Male Exotics usually need more affection than their female counterparts who are more independent by nature.


Playful Kitties. Unlike Persians who are somewhat temperamental, Exotics love to play. From birth to adulthood, Exotics are up for a good time. If you want a cat that wants to catch the plush fish on the pole or can learn to play catch, an Exotic is for you.


Low-Key Loungers. Although Exotics are playful, they have low needs for exercise. As long they are eating the right amount of food, and in good health, Exotic Shorthair cats don't need a lot of physical activity.


Child-Approved. Because Exotics are so sweet and gentle, they are great with children. Because they look so much like a plush toy, your children will love them even more. Exotic Shorthairs are considered as some of the very best cats for kids.


 Loyal Friends. When making friends with an Exotic, it's a friend for life. Both male and female Exotics are extremely loyal companions. They may devotedly follow you around or softly croon with their sweet voices to remind you just how special you are to them.


 Easy Grooming. Exotic Shorthair cats have a low-maintenance beauty routine. Because their hair is short, it isn't prone to matting or tangling. An affectionate comb out twice per week is all that's required to keep your furry friend (and your couch) looking and feeling fabulous.


 Seasonal Shed. Unlike many kitties with long, luxurious hair, Exotics only shed seasonally and as a result, they are considered a "non-shedding" cat breed. Your Exotic will need a little pampering when seasons shift a few times per year to get the hair out, but that's nothing compared to a regular shedding schedule.


 Fun and Games. Exotics love to solve puzzles and learn tricks. If you need to keep your Exotic occupied in between petting sessions, bring out cat puzzles to stimulate his or her mind. Exotic cats are also interested in learning tricks like "sit."


 Dog-Friendly. Easy-going and pro-social, Exotics generally get along well with other pets, including dogs. If you are looking for an addition to your pet entourage, an Exotic could be the perfect fit.


 Inside Voice. Exotic cats aren't generally very chatty. Their voices are often soft and sweet when they use them. Most often, Exotics will choose silence over long, powerful soliloquies. Adopting an Exotic Shorthair means never getting a 4 a.m. surprise wake-up call when your cat is ready for breakfast.


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Image via pexels

It's no wonder why the Exotic Shorthair cat is one of the most sought-after cats for adoption. As one of the most loving and friendly cat breeds ever known, Exotics make exceptional pets and companion animals. Not only are they peaceful and serene around humans of all ages, but they also get along well with other animals. If you are looking for a cat breed that will stand by your side like only the best of friends do, the Exotic Shorthair is a marvelous choice.

Featured Image: Photo by Matheus Guimarães from Pexels

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